Point Loma Paddle (Intermediate Skill Level)

May 14, 2022 @ 8:30 am
Grace Beach, Shelter Island
2192 Shelter Island Dr · San Diego

It’s going to be a warm sunny day. Surf report is 3ft at 8 seconds. Wind at 5mph and picking up to 10mph by noon. That’s not the most ideal conditions but it looks a lot nicer than it has been for the last few weeks. So, how about a paddle to the point. You never know what you’ll see on these paddles and this area has a lot to offer.

Let’s meet on Shelter Island at 8:30am to prepare for a 9:00 launch. There are no rentals nearby, so you will need a kayak and gear.

The announcer of this event is not the leader of such, merely a “coordinator”. You are responsible for your own safety.

Disclaimer: We will have experienced paddlers on this trip, but they will not be responsible for telling you what is or is not safe for you to do. We watch out for one another and assist one another, but all individuals are responsible for, and manage their own safety. This responsibility includes assessing your gear, skill level, and physical conditioning relative to conditions and location, as well as making decisions about what you will or will not do. Participants acknowledge that kayaking on the open sea or bay is inherently dangerous and can lead to physical injury including death as well as property damage. Participants, on their behalf and on behalf of their heirs and assignees, agree to hold the announcers and other participants blameless in the event of such injury, damage or death. Please join us if you want to mildly stretch your capabilities, but please stay home if you would be wildly stretching them. Participants should have bracing skills, be able to self-rescue and assist in the rescue of others.

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