Traditional New Year’s Morning Paddle

Mark your calendars, it’s that time.  Let’s continue the traditional paddle begun by Jeff Laxier some 10-12 years ago

DATE:                   January 1, 2015

TIME:                    8 am rally, 8:15 launch

PLACE:                  La Jolla Shores Boat Ramp or thereabouts (there may be road construction)

PADDLE:               North toward Torrey Pines

DISCLAIMER:        Each paddler is responsible for their own safety; must be able to self-rescue and be equipped with appropriate gear and clothing, and keep a 3-4 knot pace and is expected to stay with the group

TRR Fundraiser a Great Success!

On Saturday, November 15th TRR had a “Paddle and Pints for a Cause” fundraiser on Paradise Point in Mission Bay. The San Diego Kayak Club helped spread the word, and several of our members turned out to support TRR and our vets. There were 75 paddlers who took part on the water, and several more showed up for the refreshments, silent auction, and raffle (of which Gilbert Siegel was one of the winners). There is already talk about having this event next year, so please consider taking part.


There was a mix of kayaks, paddle boards, and specialized craft involved. Aqua Adventures supplied several kayaks and paddle boards, and Brooke Sullivan and Dale Osborn of TRR did a great job in organizing the event. There were a lot of smiles that day, and it was fun to be part of such a worthy cause.

Even though Mike is not a vet, he wanted to support the event, and came down from the LA area.

Even though Mike is not a vet, he wanted to support the event, and came down from the LA area.

Going around the island.

Going around the island.

Paradise Point Barefoot Bar

Paradise Point Barefoot Bar

The silent auction and raffle were fun, and thanks to Ninkasi Brewing for helping raise money. Also, one of our club members anonymously donated several kayak items to TRR for their paddles. Very cool.

Having a good time at the party after the paddle.

Having a good time at the party after the paddle.

Almost every boat in this photo ended up being paddled by someone. Many thanks to Jen and Aqua Adventures for supplying several kayaks and paddle boards.


Team River Runner (TRR), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, gives active duty service members and veterans an opportunity to find health, healing, and new challenges through whitewater boating and other paddling sports).

If you would like more information on TRR, here is their website:

South San Diego Bay – a Good Paddle to see Wildlife

A Quiet Place with Few Power Boats

At the end of Grand Caribe in the Coronado Cays is a small park with a sandy beach, an ideal spot for launching kayaks. The Saturday Paddle Group has launched here on occasion at various times of the year. On every paddle we have spotted several kinds of birds nesting or diving for fish, with others poking in the sand for food, or Ospreys just sitting on perches looking back at us. In the fall we have observed large Green Sea Turtles surfacing while munching on Eel Grass, some within 20 ft of our boats. We often hear them breathe before we see them. And on most occasions there have been Mullets jumping out of the water, and Sea Rays swimming under our kayaks. We have sometimes had schools of Mullets under our boats, that surface, causing our craft to rock a little.

The diversity of both Littoral and Pelagic wildlife is abundant here, as the sounds of the city and traffic are distant and soft. There are nesting Least Turns on a land spit, Pelicans diving for fish, and Sand Pipers looking for a meal in the mud. Shearwaters, Egrets, Blue Herons, Cormorants, and Sea Gulls all frequent this environment.

We will be having more of these paddles in the south bay throughout the year, and will announce them through the Club. It is our hope you can join us next time.

Team River Runner Kayaking Fundraiser

Last Thanksgiving we hosted a paddle and picnic for Team River Runner of San Diego (Team River Runner (TRR), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, gives active duty service members and veterans an opportunity to find health, healing, and new challenges through whitewater boating and other paddling sports). Here is a link to their web site:

 Instead of repeating that this year, we have been invited to their paddle and fundraiser at Mission Bay on November 15th. The launch site is the beach next to the Marina (which is in front of the Barefoot Bar on Paradise Point. Registration donation for the paddle is $5 if you have your own boat, and Aqua Adventures is bringing some kayaks that can be rented for $15. If you want to stay for the party and auction, bring money for that.

 NOTE: If you have a “slightly used” kayak, or equipment, and want to donate that to the auction, take it to the patio area in front of the Barefoot Bar before 10 am, and see Brooke Sullivan. Be sure to clean up the item first please.

 If you have your own kayak, and want to take part in the paddle, party and auction, you may want to launch at Bahia Point, orAqua Adventures, and paddle to the Paradise Pt Marina for the 10 am start of their paddle. I think there is a cost to park at Paradise Point, and access to the beach may not be close from your vehicle.

Register here:  The donation is $15.  If you bring your own kayak – it’s free!  If you don’t want to paddle, come on down to the party at 11!

Catalina Swimmer – Kayak Support

Via email:

I am coaching a swimmer who is swimming Catalina Channel in 5th June, I am looking for two experienced sea kayakers to accompany him. We had one but she unfortunately had to drop out.

Please could you contact me urgently with any details of anyone who would be interested from your club and I will pass them on the Chris to contact. He lives in Seattle. His name is Chris Lugo.

Thanks for your help!

Trip Report: South Bay Turtles


Eight of us went looking for the very elusive Green Turtles yesterday, but they were not to be found. It is safe to say, after several paddles in the south bay looking for them, that they are harder to see than the grey whales.


Some special people showed up for this paddle: It was good to see Stan Rohrer doing great.


It was Mary Collier’s first paddle with us, and the first time in her new boat (5th photo). And the last photo was taken by Heather Larson (from Denver) a few years ago, who also joined us yesterday. She said that was the last time she has been able to photo the turtles.


Besides having a relaxed morning, we got to see up close the Dorado Discovery research vessel that some of you may have seen on the Discovery or Nat Geo TV series. Very cool. The photo of some of us on the dock is at Bob’s house in the Cays.


Baja Kayak Fest!


It’s back! Jen Kleck just announced the dates for Baja Kayak Fest! They are offering two separate 3-day weekends so that we may keep groups small and still accommodate everyone who wants to attend!

This is a rough water event for experienced sea kayakers.  You don’t have to be a super star, but you should be comfortable paddling 10-15 miles in a day and are well-practiced at capsize recovery techniques.  You should be comfortable in small surf and bumpy water.  Our location is a rocky peninsula that juts into the Pacific Ocean and provides the perfect playground for kayakers!  We will offer day trips for pure fun and rock-garden play, as well as skills development courses.  Top coaches from the Pacific coast will mentor groups of 4-6 paddlers at a time!

  • Festival 1: April 5-7 (driving to the location on Friday, April 4 and returning Monday night, April 7)
  • Island overnight 1: Tuesday April 8-9 (transportation back to US available Wed. night)
  • Islands overnight 2: Thursday April 10-11 (transportation from the US available late Wed. night)
  • Festival 2: April 12-14 (driving to the location Friday, April 11 and retunring Monday night, April 14)

More information at:

South Bay Paddle

This Saturday morning Diane (Night Heron) and Teresa Boli are going to launch/leave at 9:00 a.m. from Chula Vista boat ramp off of J Street/Marina Pkwy. They plan on doing a round trip up to the Ferry landing and back. This will be a medium paced paddle with very benign conditions. The distance is about 6 miles each way.

They are doing this trip because it is on Teresa’s bucket list – “I have lived here for almost three decades and have never paddled all the way up the bay!” They plan on eating lunch at the Galley cafe at the Marina after the paddle.

Please join them if you want – no need to RSVP.